Automatic Circuit Breaker

Portex Technologies is India’s first and only manufacturer of Automatic Circuit Breakers. Our R&D team of highly dedicated and compete engineers have developed this Automatic Circuit Breaker due to the high demand from the electrical and electronics industry.

This circuit breaker operates on the principle of a bimetallic switch. The current carrying bi-metal strip senses over current and actuates a beryllium copper blade which snaps open the contacts and interrupts the current. After some time delay the bimetal cools down and the contacts snap close. The snap action opening and closing of contacts ensures that there is no sparking during the make and break switching. These contacts are made of solid silver and have a very long life. The outer body is cylindrical in shape and has a small size due to which it can be easily fitted in any device or instrument. It can also be mounted on a PCB. The body is made of solid fiber glass to ensure high strength and rigidity and it is electrically insulated, so there is no chance of current leakage or electrical shock. The body is epoxy sealed and so the operating characteristics are unaffected by moisture, dust, dirt, fumes, etc.

Special Features

  • India’s first and only Automatic Circuit Breaker
  • Small size, easily mountable on PCB or any instrument
  • Snap action make and beak switching
  • No sparking or chattering
  • Solid silver contacts for long life of 1,00,000 operations
  • Available for current ranges from 1A to 6A
  • Technical Specifications
  • Automatic Circuit Breaker Dimensions

Rated Voltage Upto 250 VAC or 24 VDC
Rated Current 1A to 8A in increments of 0.5A
Maximum Load Switching Capacity 30 AMPS
Switching Action SPST Normally Closed (N.C.) contacts which open with a snap action at fault condition.
Flash-over Voltage Exceeds 2 KV between body & leads.
Endurance (Life) Exceeds 100,000 operations (trippings).
Restart Mode Automatic restart after time delay. Adequate precaution must be exercised in applications where automatic restart can cause injury, i.e., power tools, mixie blade, power saws, machinery etc.

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