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Bimetal Thermostat, Thermal Overload Protectors & Cutouts Manufacturer in India

For the past 35 years, Portex has specialized in the field of Bimetal Thermostats and Snap disc Thermal Overload Protectors & Cut-outs. We are the leading manufacturer of bimetal thermostats, snap disc thermal cutouts and overload protectors in India. Our claim to fame rests on our sophisticated designs and streamlined production techniques developed through sustained research and development, patents and professionalism in the techniques of precision engineering and quality controls. Our numerous customers in every industry testify to the focused attention we pay to customer satisfaction and product performance exceeding international standards.

Bimetal Thermostats, Snap Disc Thermal Overload Protectors & Cutouts

Bimetal Thermostats, Snap Disc Thermal Overload Protectors & Cutouts

A Portex self-resetting bimetal thermostat (automatic reset thermal overload protector) is a miniature, precision built bimetallic switch which senses temperature rise and fall. It is fitted at the location where the temperature is to be sensed, and heats up when the surrounding temperature rises. Its internal electrical silver contacts open with a snap action when the surrounding temperature reaches the desired preset trip temperature, thereby, switching off the current supply. When the equipment cools, this temperature switch also cools down and auto resets, thereby, restoring the current supply.

Portex is the foremost manufacturer and supplier of bimetal thermostats and snap disc thermal overload protectors in India. Our thermal cutouts automatically reset and are based on the snap action, bimetal disc principle with the over-center tripping mechanism of a Beryllium-Copper snap blade, which results in extremely precise operation and high endurance. We are the manufacturer of various models of bimetal thermostats, snap disc thermal overload protectors and cutouts suitable for over temperature protection of all types of motors and pumps, transformers, power electronics, heat sink, and many more applications.

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Miniature Thermal Circuit Breakers

Mini Thermal & Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

Portex-Uniguard precision circuit breaker is India's first thermal circuit breaker and a rocker ON/OFF switch. We are India's only manufacturer of this type of a circuit breaker can be used as a regular ON/OFF switch as well as a protection device against over current. It is suitable for protection of all industrial, commercial and domestic equipment against excessive ampere load.

Portex is also India's only manufacturer of auto reset circuit breakers. These devices sense over current and switch off, thereby, breaking the current. After a time delay, they automatically switch on without any manual intervention.

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