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Thermostat/Thermal Overload Protector for Electric Blankets and Heating Pads

Thermostat model BPM, being the smallest and most temperature sensitive thermal overload protector in our range of products is best suited for over-temperature protection of electric blankets and heating pads.

Thermostat for Electric Blankets & Heating Pads

Thermostat for Electric Blankets & Heating Pads - Model BPM

Description of Thermostat/Thermal Overload Protector

We are the leading manufacturer of thermostats and thermal overload protectors in India. Model BPM thermal cutout has been developed for over temperature and burnout protection of Heating Pads and Electric Blankets. This thermostat is the smallest thermal overload protector in our complete range of thermostats. Due to the small size it fits very easily in electric blankets and heating pads. The outer body is made of a high temperature resistant engineering polymer. The contacts are made of solid silver. All the internal components are spot welded on a stainless steel plate. The body is sealed, so the operating characteristics of the thermostat are not affected by moisture, dust, varnish, etc. The lead wires are teflon insulated and can withstand high heat.

Unlike normal snap action disc thermostats, which have delayed restart and in which the trip temperature drifts downwards after a few months of usage, our thermal overload protectors have a straight bimetal strip which actuates a separate beryllium-copper switching blade based on the over center mechanism. This ensures stable trip temperature over a long period of usage and quick restart of the thermal cutout.

Special Features:

  • Smallest size for easy fitting
  • Solid silver contacts for long life of 1,00,000 operations
  • Quick make and break switching, no chattering
  • Snap action bimetal thermostat
  • Accurate and precise snap action operation, no sparking
  • Available with Normally Open (N.O) or Normally Closed (N.C.) contacts
  • Available in any temperature from 50C to 160C

Application of Thermostat/Thermal Overload Protector

Thermostat model BPM has to be fitted close to the heating element of the electric blanket or heating pad such that it can sense the temperature rise. As the heat builds up, this thermal overload protector will sense the rise in temperature and when the temperature reaches the preset trip temperature, the thermal cutout will trip off, thereby, disconnecting the electric blanket or heating pad from the mains and saving it from burning out. The trip temperature of the thermal cutout is preset at the time of manufacturing and cannot be changed. This trip temperature is specified by the customer, but generally for heating pads and electric blankets, it can be anywhere between 70C or 100C, depending upon product design and specification. Contact us for complete technical advice.

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