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Thermostat/Thermal Overload Protector for Over Temperature Protection of Electronics equipment

Thermal Overload Protector Model ISQB is best suited for over temperature and burnout protection of electronics equipment.

Electronics Protection Thermostat

Electronics Protection Thermostat – Model ISQB

Description of Thermal Overload Protector

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal overload protectors and thermostats in India. Due to the high demand from the electrical and electronics industry in India, we have developed a thermostat model ISQB for over temperature and burnout protection of electronics equipment especially for this industry. Using this thermostat can eliminate the use of thermistor protection circuits for over temperature and burnout.

Model ISQB thermal overload protector which can be screwed on to any aluminum heat sink channel or on to body of any electronics equipment. It has a small size and has a solid machined aluminum outer body. Unlike other thermostats, the aluminum body of model ISQB is electrically insulated, so there is no chance of electrical shock. The operating mechanism is based on a snap action bimetal strip and a copper alloy switching blade which works on the over center tripping mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the thermostat has quick restart characteristics as well as stable trip temperature, even after long usage. The other snap action disc thermostats have delayed restart and the trip temperature drifts downwards after long usage.

When the temperature rises, the bimetal strip senses the heat and trips off, thereby, saving the electronics equipment from burning out. This thermostat is available with Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contacts. It has solid silver contacts for long life and teflon lead wires, which can withstand high temperature. The body is double sealed, so the operating characteristics are not affected by dust, moisture, varnish, etc.

Special Features of Thermal Overload Protector:

  • Save Costs by eliminating thermistor protection circuits
  • Solid Aluminum body for strength
  • Easily mountable with two M3 screws
  • Available with Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contacts
  • Very sensitive to temperature rise
  • Snap Action bimetal thermostat
  • Quick make and break action, no sparking or chattering
  • Solid silver contacts for long life of 1,00,000 operations
  • Available in any temperature from 50C to 160C

Application for Electronics Protection

Model ISQB is suitable for over temperature and burnout protection of all electronics equipment such as invertors, UPS, amplifiers, SMPS power supply, AC & DC power supplies, etc, and eliminates the use of costly thermistor protection circuits. This thermal overload protector can be screwed on to the heat sink or the body of the equipment with two M3 screws. Since it is available in both Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) configuration, it can be connected in series with the main line or it can be connected to a relay or control circuit. When heat builds up, it senses the temperature rise and switches off at a set pre-determined temperature, for example, 75 degrees C. The Normally Open (NO) configuration can be used to switch on a fan when the temperature rises or it can be used to activate a control circuit, which can provide an indication that the equipment is overheating. The pre-determined temperature is set factory preset and cannot be changed by the user. Please consult us for complete technical guidance.

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